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It is apparent that the enemy is at the gate, so to speak. Our elected leader(?) has created a chaotic administration which is essentially run by his chosen miscreants. Unfortunately, our Congress has fallen into step with this agenda as they are unwilling to do their jobs. There seems to be a fear of TOTUS or they are using him as a hat to cover their own misdeeds. It is essential that all eligible voters do so to restore order to our country. This should not be about race or immigrants, without either of those, there would be no United States. It is unfortunate the polished history we learn has left out the true facts of our democracy. The current administration has used the vilest part of our history to further it’s own base needs. Each day of this administration brings more issues that are against ALL Americans and this will go on until there is some else sitting in the White House along with a new Senate leader. These 2 changes while not correcting the ship of state will create a course correction that will steer us back into a reasonable style of governing. Our Governing style ought not to depend on wars to create unity since many of our closest allies have succeeded without it.


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