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Today I heard a news item regarding Joe Walsh’s ( former Illinois legislator, turned conservative talk show host) announcement to challenge Donald Trump for the Presidential nomination. While it is the American way to allow anyone to make this choice, it also allows for radical candidates of all types and stripes. That being said we now have the weakest link in our chain of Illinois representatives assailing the candidacy of Joe Walsh with the name of “windbag”. Mr. Rodney Davis who has sided with the current “windbag” of the White House 94% of the time has little room to criticize anyone with the poor track record he carries. When Mr. Davis can honestly say he is working for the people of  Illinois, that is when he can call someone a windbag. Mr. Davis’s unflagging devotion to this leader against the interests of the people of his State is an insult to ALL of us. “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone” is appropriate here.


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