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Recently I received a comment on a small article regarding TOTUS. The question was asked” Why do I hate Trump?, I replied I didn’t hate Trump but I hated Con men! It is and has been evident from day one that this current administration is incorrigible and corrupt. TOTUS has been incorrigible and corrupt since his “deal”. TOTUS is no more than “a rich guy wannabe” who shows a persona of more wealth than he has and is smarter than he is. Using the perceived wealth factor to promote himself he has managed to essentially “rent out” his name for use on buildings while having a possible tentative hold on the ownership on them. The well documented bankruptcies enriched TOTUS and not his partners (including the banks). This has led to a perceived wealth that is dubious at best. The European banks that have been victims of Trump enterprises have mainly maintained silence since the publicity would not be good for their stockholders and clients. We are currently experiencing the era of a person who has aspirations beyond his abilities and has made enough outrageous statements to garner a following. This following can see no evil or wrong in this much like they see no harm or wrong in a reality show. The office of President IS NOT A REALITY SHOW! but it is a reality that what comes out of the Oval Office has a wide-ranging and detrimental effect on all of us and our long term allies elsewhere. The “stable Genius” is more of a horse ass!


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    Well said mike, well said! susan


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