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“Facts are facts and will not disappear on account of your likes.”
― Jawaharlal Nehru

In this administration, facts appear to be restricted or banned. TOTUS is in keeping with his real asset (lying) is and has been conning the American voter for the past 3 years. His following is shrinking down to a smaller and smaller core group. While he has twitter followers in the millions, the entertainment factor will fail him as his policies strike home for them in a negative way. Many of his core followers have not yet felt or realized the folly of his tenure and the future which will result from them. This is not a normal Presidency and it will not have a normal legacy. While the GOP largely unabashedly supports this office holder as a matter of party unity, it is clear that his tenure has reduced us to being an ineffective member of NATO and on the world stage. The constant stream of lies and inept policies will plague the country for a number of years. It is and always has been incumbent on Voters to regulate how government works by who they elect to represent them. Ignoring the actions of this Presidency and the actions of the majority party on his behalf is tantamount to ceding your Constitutional rights to a foreign government.


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