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Facts are facts and can possibly be altered but usually unrefutable. We as a nation have had 3 years of lies, self-serving and theft by an otherwise bottom feeder aided and abetted by a Neer do well Congress who unabashedly lie to our faces. As voters, we need to understand that what makes our country work is information, not misinformation and dog whistles. Our political system has been twisted by the politicians who pat us on the back with one hand and pick our pockets with the other. When we add in the constant stream of tweets from our Leader(?) assailing everything and everyone with no facts behind his allegations, we can surmise that our nation is in trouble. We are at this time looked upon as a rudderless ship crewed by misfits. We are slowly becoming pariahs among more reasonable allies while being embraced by the bad actors of the world. This is a definition of “birds of a Feather flock together”. Our only option is voting for less radical representatives who have the ability to link progressive ideas with moderate ones that will move us forward instead of backward or sideways. Believe it or not, we are in the grip of goblins and Orcs.


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