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There is much in the news over the numerous shootings by  L.E.O.s (Law enforcement Officers) and others have and probably will be in the news and in political debates for years to come. The words “gun Control” offers no answers as means different things to different people. It denotes to some as the taking of guns from lawful owners or forcing restrictions on the ownership, the safeguard, and the use of these firearms. The issue should be restriction or denial of ownership of Firearms by people who are DEEMED unable to appreciate the ownership and practical use of firearms. Gun control to shooters is the ability to remain on the target between shots in order to have good placement of the projectile. This is why the military, law enforcement, and most civilian shooters go to shooting ranges on a regular basis. No matter what laws are enacted there will always be “bad actors” who legally own firearms and illegal owners who follow no rules. The approach needs to be a legal common-sense way to protect the legal owners while disqualifying potentially dangerous members of the firearm owning community. We have been caught up in skeletal explanations of what should be done and what someone running for office states they will do that we tear off into the sunset (as it were) yelling about something that may never happen. The last several years have seen several (too many) mass shootings and the aftermath which brings the “gun control” issue out front again only to have it languish into the background again until the next one (mass shooting) occurs. I believe the approach needs to come from the people by having a method of gathering the desires of all of the people and designing a statute that embraces the most reasonable and effective parts that saves lives.


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