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In case you hadn’t noticed, national politics have shifted from the absurd to the sublime. The current administration has shown how greedily our electeds want to hold on to power for power’s sake rather than for the sake of service to the country. Each major party has had its time in the limelight and squandered it. It is of less importance who the titular head of the government is when the combined legislative members are suspect and corrupt in morals and integrity. The current hearings can be likened to a “show of hands” of public opinion of the administration and the legislature. The degradation of our always suspect political system has steadily gone downwards in the past 20 years and we (voters) still ignore the 1000 pound canary in the room. The only and most effective control of the government is the vote. No amount of mass media, rallies or speeches can tell you what a candidate or party is about or what they will do. What can be done is to look at the past and current record of the candidates and how their actions have or will affect ALL of us no matter what our party affiliation is. There are still a lot of attempts to pull the “political wool” over the eyes of the voters and many of us have allowed it by remaining uninformed and essentially “phoning in” our votes and loyalty. It is now time to shear the fleecers.


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