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The tariff war has become (and was initially) a hit on farmers and manufacturing. How is it possible to put tariffs on goods coming in the country and those tariffs having no effect on the consumers? The exporters simply pass this on the importer who in turn tacks it on the selling price. The premise of hurting the supplier is a falsehood and is damaging to the economy as a whole. This is the real “trickle-down” much like touted tax reform which did nothing for folks on the middle to lower end of the income scale. The lifting of some tariffs will not repair the damage already done to the farming and manufacturing sectors, by extension the consuming public (us). What is affected by tariffs: Price of hard goods where some parts are manufactured out of the country, parts that are sent out of the country for manufacturing goods that then come back with tariffs tacked on for parts not made in the USA, is this a double tariff? Now that China is experiencing a pork crisis, will they maintain a 25% tariff on the US goods or lift it on some agricultural products for the good of their people? It is well to note that China reduced its purchases of agricultural products from the US under this Trade war. Will the administration lift tariffs on incoming goods that benefit consumers? These are questions that should have been considered before tweeting the decision to impose tariffs. If you are a concerned citizen no matter what your political focus is, you need to think carefully before voting as our Congress is as much at fault for the actions of miscreant administration. Good government is our right and we can only get it by our intelligent vote.


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