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The news cycle is revolving around the impeachment of the current President yet many are missing the real issue. The underlying issues are the failures of our elected legislators to do their due diligence by exerting their proper checks on the executive branch. While this impeachment is called political, it really is not or rather should not be. It is the duty of CONGRESS! to protect us (the voters) from any Commander In Chief who misuses his office (his office directly affects all of us). The sidestepping of duty for political or monetary gain is a crime no matter what party is n power and when the party becomes the main driver of legislation then the legislators need to be held accountable at the ballot box and in the courts if required. I have heard so many people espouse their support for the actions of this President with no real thought of the long-range and potentially long-lasting effects of his actions on ALL of us. Our opportunity is at hand where we can shed the “innocence” of cursory information and deep dive into the real world of truth. It is unfortunate that so many of us have become one-issue voters and we have allowed the rise of manipulative elected officials and news media whose sole objective is to sell their services and or enrich themselves on our unsuspecting backs. Our opportunity to correct this problem is at the ballot box but only if we educate ourselves in an open-minded fashion. Remember-the truth never changes-lies have to.


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