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“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. observed, ‘Everybody can be great – because anybody can serve’

It is excruciating to see the Congress aka Government in the small hands of a unapologetic liar and conman. There was a time when the major parties worked for the good of the country and its (citizens (their bosses). No matter the political differences, the bottom line in most cases was the well being of the country and the residents of the United States no matter the Race, creed or color. We used to welcome immigrants who arrived here legally and many who did not. It is absolutely true that some citizens native born naturalized or illegal are bad actors and need to be watched, incarcerated or deported and that is the Normal way to handle it. What we have now is an administration and Congress that has allowed and advocated for some the worst actions on the citizens of all legalities or illegalities. All of this in the light of a Congress and administration that no longer functions as a unit that works for all of us. Some of us remember when what is happening now would have been an exception , not a rule and calmer heads would have mitigated the extremes to achieve a better outcome for us all. Now we truly have a “failure to communicate” and it is crushing the soul of our country. We as citizens have a duty to correct it through the power of the ballot. Carefully examine this “impeachment issue” and the actions of the participants then decide how many of them do you want to continue in office.


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