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If you believe in the current administration and Congress actions and activities, please wait for the other shoe to drop. Listing the actions that will and are currently affecting more American citizens would take several ( a lot) of pages so here are the highlights:

EPA- rolling back clean water and air regulations which will allow for coal companies to stop making the efforts to keep waterways free of coal ash and other byproducts of coal production.These rollbacks will affect the air that we breathe.

Reduction of National monuments land so that oil and gas exploration can occur even on Native American lands. Lands that native Americans were forced onto during the Andrew Jackson presidency (one of TOTUS’s heroes). More pain from the original “Trail of Tears”. With the recent “acquittal” TOTUS will now run completely amok with the blessings of the GOP spearheaded by “Botch” McConnell. TOTUS supporters may be cheering these events -until the tentacles of this administration hits them in the face one way or another. In case you missed it, your food, income and health care are in jeopardy as the full effect of “tariffs” become evident. Entertainment is not governance, common sense and intelligence are.


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