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Words That have no meaning in the current administration:








Considering this list, there are any who will agree with his list but only as it applies to this administration. It would be well to apply these words to previous administrations to a lesser or perhaps greater degree. The connection shared by the last 4 to 5 administrations has been long serving Congressional members. For better or for worse we have been edging up to the current Congress for years. Our current Congress has been more self serving than any previous and that is why we have the administration we are now experiencing. It is well to observe that there are several former members of Congress serving in the administration who if we look back perhaps were not very good at serving their constituents. What they were and still are good at is playing to the leaders for what will and has favored their own progress. If our objective is to get better representation we need  to do our “homework” on who wants to represent us. This is joyless chore but like any “chore” it is necessary for our (voters) betterment. We have allowed ourselves to became slaves to “entertainment politics” and the truth of the candidates slips by us. The first mistake we all have and still make is adherence to “party Politics”, that is what the party we support tells us. There is no Truth like the Truth and the facts that surround and influence it. We have been inured by the entertainment value of untruth, half truth and the many increments of the truth which ultimately are just lies dressed in nice clothing.


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