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All throughout the campaign, subsequent election and now in administration, this President has acted in ways that are personal to him. In accordance to his prior and current dealings, each action and utterance is about him. The operative word is his (TOTUS) personal optics. This resident of the White House has from the beginning has operated as if the country is one his businesses. It is unfortunate and fortunate at the same time that we have come to know that our Congress is not representing us in the manner we have come to expect. Our politics have always been shady but we were fortunate to have members who understood their jobs well enough to cross party lines to get the peoples work done. We now have 500 plus seat fillers who are using the ineptitude of the Resident to cover their own self dealings. It has been pondered by many voters as to how a person can be elected to public office and become millionaires by the time they leave public service. An example: political donations which find its way into the personal accounts of elected officials. It is sad enough that years ago “our” Congress enacted (quietly) a law that grants them a “cost Of Living Increase” automatically- this curtails public hearings and so no public outcry but now to abet the ill conceived actions of a ego driven many times failed business man. Each action by TOTUS is personal for him and his legacy while perhaps not the worse (so far), it will certainly be looked upon as a huge backwards step nationally and with our allies. TOTUS is governing by tweet and unfortunately “entertaining” many of us into a false narrative on his motives. Each action taken by this administration on the surface appears to be legal , isn’t. Consider the immigration issue and think about how you would feel if it happened to you! This quote from an Abraham Lincoln debate speech in 1858 states plainly what we should consider when we vote:

I charge you to drop every paltry and insignificant thought for any man’s success. It is nothing; I am nothing; Judge Douglas is nothing. But do not destroy that immortal emblem of Humanity, the Declaration of American Independence.”


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