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It is apparent that the political system of “Party” politics has lost it’s way. TOTUS has completely taken over. The “Dupublicans” and the Scamocrats” are seemingly tilting at windmills! As it has always been the voters need to be the grown ups in the room. Entertaining (or not) debates, sound bites and exclamations do not make good candidates. What is required is unity and the Dupublicans have that mastered in spite of the outright lies and deceptions we see from them on a daily basis. The key seems to be the unity.  It seems that the Scamocrats need to assume the unity mantle in order to win. A united message is stronger than a bunch of people attacking one another. It is obvious  that there is disunity among the Dupublicans however they stick together no matter what. This unity looks great to the electorate even while the actions and policies harm them. We (the voters) are faced with replacing the current administration with one (hopefully) that is in it for the public interest. I have posted as much information as I can find to educate and hope it has helped. Always remember that the information I offer is available to everyone, you just have to read it and understand it. Lies will always be lies and the truth will always be the truth, it does not matter if you like it.


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