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It is apparent that the current administration and the members of the abetting Congress have failed the country for their own personal sakes as well as their large donors. When President Obama was elected after being under siege by TOTUS and the GOP establishment, Botch McConnell publicly stated that he would subvert the administration’s efforts every chance he got. This of course led to a less than effective method of governing and pushing the administration to issue executive order to get things done. During that time TOTUS decried the use of executive orders, how much time was spent golfing and other issues which were more diversions and misinformation that honest criticisms. Since the emergence of TOTUS as the titular leader(?) of the country we have have had a rapid downward slide of the economy beginning with the poorly executed “tax reform” which benefitted the already wealthy and left his “base” in the lurch financially. Unfortunately his “message” such as it is has turned the many supporters into entertainment seekers rather than thinking voters. We have alienated our closest European allies and embraced our long time foes as dubious allies ( for personal gain). The evidence of the crime lies before us as an expensive (unfinished) border wall, hundreds of thousands migrants in limbo under the auspices of a border force with no regard for their health and safety. A raging pandemic with no National guidance to unite the efforts of all 50 states, misinformation on guidelines to curtail the threat, attempts to depress the vote and lastly but not finally and swiftly dropping economy with no solution forthcoming. If this were a Movie, there would be a rescue event and all would be well but at this time the rescue is in our (the voters) hands and ours alone. Do not be swayed by rhetoric as the facts are before you.


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