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Donald J. Trump in a quest for notoriety ran for President and to his surprise won. Found out quickly that he was not up to the task, so he did what he was used to doing and that is fake it and lie to the end. He spent the past 3 plus years putting people in his cabinet and on staff who were wealthier (than he is) or loyal to him and some for show. Once staffed he took a hands off stance so he could always blame someone else for any failures. The folks he hired who had expertise and ability quickly (sometimes) exited quickly. The ones who stayed were in in for their own agendas and TOTUS agreed tacitly or openly, while convincing himself or was convinced that what was being done in his name was OK and legal. Once he had approval from Congress (GOP) he essentially became the inept manager he has always been. His choices for his staff were more payoffs for favors and recommendations from cronies and possibly “FAUX” news on air personalities. His knowledge of management is either non existent or taken from comic books, not what would be expected from a college educated(?) person. There is no reason to continue his tenure beyond November 3.


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