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Daily Archives: December 3rd, 2020

With TOTUS and his miscreants continuing a losing battle to overturn the election, exhorting his base to do harm to anyone who defies him, the GOP and many Heavy weights in the party have said and done nothing until it appears that there’s a chance they may lose the Senate majority. When those voices should have been loud was all through these 4 years of mishandling of Governance. This is a stance that “patriots” would have put forth on a non partisan basis. Each Party has their own general ideals and that is fine but as loud and influential voices there should have been as loud a hew and cry as there was during President Obama’s administration and he did a much better job than the current (for the next40 or so days) White House occupant. It should be noted that these are folks who influence your vote but do nothing to improve the country and it’s residents. They do well in the “lining of their own pockets” while extolling the virtues of the party which is devoted to it’s own preservation at any cost. This includes both major parties. While TOTUS wrote executive orders the GOP installed judges that lean to their side instead of judges who neutrally administer the law. The question of “why now” is relevant especially when it is time to re elect members of the House and the Senate. As voters we have a simple obligation and that is to “vet” anyone seeking elective office for the first time or as an incumbent. Remember some have been in office too long to be effective and some should not be there at all!


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