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Daily Archives: December 11th, 2020

When did we fall asleep at the switch? This past 4 years of Trumpism has clouded the eyes of many. This clouding has allowed the Conservative GOP and the right side of religion to ascend in ways that serve them selves, not the voters. This election kerfuffle has sucked all of rationality out of ordinary events and allowed “Botch” McConnel to jump on it with both feet. He and his miscreants are busily withholding the tax payers funds from the pandemic and economic relief. Their reasons for dragging their feet have ranged from the future financial burden on our grandchildren to people not wanting to go to work if they receive benefits from the government. If anyone could be accused of not going to work, it would be the Congress! I can assure you that not one of the 535 plus members of the Congress has lost a minutes pay, healthcare or a place to lay their heads during this pandemic yet they are creating a nation of indigents while continuing to lie about their actions. How many millions are they spending to fight a legal election because TOTUS wants it. Once Donald J. Trump is out of office, will they all of a sudden start doing their jobs? If you are paying attention please listen to what these neer do wells are saying and pay close attention to what they are doing. The wake up call is now as we have put too much trust in 500 plus people of whom a third of them are actually doing their jobs. A simple line I coined is: The two middle letters in politician is “LI” pronounced “lie”.


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