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It has long been the idea, presumption or assumption, if you will that all Politicians Lie. This may be a general view with some elements of truth but in reality, the truth is more on the general public than the individual elected official. We as voters have long given those we elect more power to work unfettered for us than they deserve. If we as voters spent at minimum 1 half hour investigating other sources of information, we may be pleasantly surprised at what we discover. Each political party collectively and individually offer “their” take on proposed laws, enacted laws and other government initiatives from Municipal to Federal levels. These “takes” are often “spins” on the facts which push us (the voters) to follow their lead into areas that are against our own best interests. The “melting pot” of America is barely warm and getting cooler with the help of the miscreant representatives we currently have in place. In Illinois there was the “Tax Reform” proposal which is still being debated even after failure to launch with other views on its viability or lack of. Where were all of these optional “ideas” when the State mailed out flyers documenting the proposed amendment so that all of us could have a full picture? There’s much shouting and ranting but no straight out well-reasoned objections. Voters, please start spreading your net to gather various sources of information to make yourself informed voters. No elected official unfortunately will ever give the full picture unless it is in their best interest. 


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