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Dear Lawmaker:

  • “As a constituent, I am writing to urge you not to raise the state income tax.I’m already paying substantially more of my hard earned income in taxes because of the last two income tax hikes over the past few years, not to mention hundreds of dollars more annually as a result of the additional tax and fee increases passed by the Legislature in recent years.  And that doesn’t include the perennial increases in my property taxes, which are nearly the highest in the nation! I know that I am not alone in my frustration as an Illinois taxpayer in the lack of progress on any meaningful reforms to state spending and an unwillingness to address our disastrous pension problem. I am asking that you publicly oppose and vote against any proposal to increase the state income tax. Thank you for your consideration.”

The above letter presented in an ad by Americans For Prosperity appears on many web pages. Illinois has fiscal problems that are well documented but so many Illinoisans failed to take the step of voting for a tax amendment which could have assisted the State in moving towards a partial resolution (raising the taxes on the wealthier citizens and corporations who often pay less than the average citizen). This failure was due to the millions spent by Billionaires who pay those low to no taxes. This ad attempts to restrain the State from raising taxes because we the people refused to read the few pages explaining the Tax reform initiative. While the initiative would not have solved all of the State’s fiscal issues but it would have captured the lost tax revenues garnered by the supporters against Tax reform. It is important that voters get correct information on fiscal issues rather than follow rhetorical and often untrue statements on Tax reform. Remember the State has fiscal issues but they will not be solved by those benefitting from the current fiscal status quo. Do not be drawn in by letters like the one above, they are no more than scams that benefit the wealthy, none of their reforms will “trickle down”! It is apparent that modern politics is more about personal gain for the political “ins” , their backers and cohorts. The real power is in the hands of the voters who seem to be easily influenced by “real” sounding “demi facts” and largely ignore real facts. With apologies: Many voters have become what I call ” Jerry Springer People”, the type of folks who believe the events on stage are spontaneous. It is unfortunately the norm for some news outlets to lie, present “alternative facts” an otherwise proffer misinformation as fact with the aplomb of the POPE! Facts are facts and always will be facts while lies lie fallow even though they are still recycled on a daily basis.



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