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Why is it that the pro Trump faction that believes the election was stolen from TOTUS do not realize they are being deluded? Following a known liar and perhaps thief into the fray of delusionary thinking is more of a threat to them than the assumed illegitimacy of the recent election. The Constitution guarantees a right to a free and fair election not an overturning of a “perceived” stolen election. Pursuing an idea that the election is illegitimate by members of Congress is in itself a violation of your Constitutional voting rights. Following blindly behind your elected officials on an uninformed pursuit regarding unproven election fraud is against your own interests and is no ones fault but your own. The Greater GOP has continued the ongoing farce that the election was rigged in spite of the proven security of the election. The GOP is now preparing to play games with Senate and possibly House rules wherever they can. These changes are not in the interest of their constituents (voters) but more leaning towards the new “reconstructionist” agenda which promoted the segregationist agendas of the pre civil war era. Since many were directly unaware or unaffected by these agendas, they have a hard time believing the facts as presented to them. It is your constitutional right to vote as you see fit but not to be manipulated by political factions that present false information to alter that vote. The political class are no better than the “dictatorial” class in other countries except “We The People” have the power to elect who we want in office but only if we use our intelligence when doing so. The shout of “Constitutional Rights” is meaningless if you’ve never bothered to read or understand them. Those rights are broad and narrow at the same time so are subject to interpretation much like the Bible. Your Constitutional rights do not cover the right to prevent someone from voting, living where they want or pursuing the happiness guaranteed by the Constitution. Your Constitutional rights do cover who you want to represent you through your voting rights. Intelligent use of your Constitutional rights is the best weapon we have to get good governance. Do not be mislead by FAUX news talking heads such as Newt Gingrich, Tucker Carlson and Mr. Hannity whose main objective is ratings at any cost (the cost of your right to correct and true information).


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