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After 4 years of malfeasance some TOTUS cabinet members have resigned and others were just there until January 20, 12:01. while some are acting as if they care, others have moved into other jobs yet too many of the enabling members of the GOP are still around and pursuing an agenda that is in their interests and not in the interests of the nation as a whole. I would recommend that all voters no matter the party look carefully at what these currently serving members of congress are doing and saying. Their actions and statements are not new but have been emboldened by the Previous president and their own sense of entitlement(?). Their entitlement is at the behest of the voters and nothing more, that being said it is time for the voters to correct previous errors by electing folks who truly have the interest of the people who elected them. Keep in mind that many people who are elected hire loyalists and enablers rather that the most qualified people. The only term limits at this time is mandated by vote and not any regulation (although the subject has been debated several times). As voters we have one mandate, elect the people we think will do the best job albeit usually based on what we hear from the candidate. There is no quick way to determine who will do the best job or the job the voters think should be done. There is the measure of the aspirants past deeds and actions which sometimes are more telling than what’s said on the campaign trail. It’s hard to judge the honesty of any person beyond what is publicly known without investigating their background which is done rarely unless the candidate is extreme one way or another or perhaps aired some extremes currently or in the past. With all of this being said I submit that an informed voter is the most powerful tool we have to insure Government works as well as it should for all of us. The majority parties only serve as a conduit for general information and aspirations of their largest (monetary) supporters not the everyday voters who are always affected by poor legislation yet never it seems by the high end matters. The recent insurrection by the Titular head of the GOP has persuaded too many members of Congress to follow his poor leadership and they are now protecting a lifetime miscreant who has the con man’s mentality and has used it well. Our job as voters is to remove these self serving members and replace them with hopefully a better class of representatives.


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