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Jeff Danziger Comic Strip for February 11, 2021

No matter your politics, the actions of former president Trump aka “TOTUS” in the insurrection was evident and the GOP members who are defending those actions and his part in it does not bode well for the Country. I fail to see how the Dupublican Senators for the most part can still support possibly the worst President in history when his actions and words contributed directly to the assault on the Capitol. They seem to ignore the fact their safety was threatened because of it and their “Champion” did not care if they were affected. This appears to be a case of “Stockholm Syndrome”. The very people we elected to represent us and our interests are representing Trump and his interests in pursuit of maintaining the loyalty of Trumps “base”, the same people who committed the assault on the capitol and put them in harms way. The option we (voters) have is vote for people who truly have the interest of all of us in mind or continue with the “HUTA” pact that now vocalize and show their contempt for the needs of the voters.


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