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Kevin Kallaugher Comic Strip for February 11, 2021

Mitch McConnel orchestrated the vote to acquit the criminal know as Trump and throwing the good of the people into the trash heap. Anyone who votes and allows this to stand in the next election is playing into the hands of the worst elements of our society. Remember “Bitch” was in hiding during the storming of the capital along with everyone else yet he has made a political decision to acquit an unrepentant criminal who put lives in danger for the sake of personal preservation. If we (voters) are smart we will give neither of them any cover now and in the future. We now know that a majority of our Congress have no regard for the well being of the voters or the country and they need to be held accountable. It is worth looking at the members of both parties on both sides to determine who we want to represent us in the future. “Bitch’s head should be one the first on the block!

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