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Unfortunately there are millions if Americans who have drank the “kool aid” of Trump along with their elected representatives (save a few}. The seeming pull to follow Trumpian ignorance to further the post civil war idea of Conservatism which fosters the idea of less is better when a majority of Americans are suffering under the burden of a pandemic and the accompanying economic stresses. It is worth noting that not one of the 535 members of Congress and their staffs are pressured with lack of income and healthcare during this period of duress. To follow the words and thoughts of these “neer do wells” is sheer folly. The proposed spending budget is a drop in the bucket and will be well used. The idea that previous monies have not been spent is ludicrous as much of that funding is planned to be spent so the idea that it is not spent is just another spin by the GOP to avoid financing what needs to be financed. Under the guise of “conservatism” the GOP is short changing the country and still supporting the worst administration in history which amounts to standing against the good of the nation ( Voters). This is a country that allows anyone qualified under a uniform standard to run for office n matter their politics. The idea is to have a way to allow all sides heard no matter how different or non mainstream. Since the advent of TOTUS, it seems that the train has run off the rails with the “ordinary” Dupublican using his radical speeches and lies to cover their personal agendas which are not in the interest of the majority of voters. The idea of Congress is to act in the best interests of the entire population of the country not a few and not in their own personal interests. It has always in general been the stance of Dupublicans to resist spending as a rule rather than in a competent manner in complement with the Scamocrats. The current GOP behind the “former guy” is working (it appears) to return us back to “Jim Crow” voting laws as they recognize the collective power of non white voters. The worse part of this is the effect of their ill considered actions affect ALL Americans to some degree with the middle to low income citizens receiving the biggest hit. Until the voters start paying particular attention to their elected officials we will not have the Democracy we deserve.


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