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The pollical utterings have reached a crescendo of ignorance and stupidity. Begin with the “debate” which became largely a TOTUs name calling and insult show. Meanwhile the ignominious Senate and administration are so concerned about the country that they want to give the bare minimum of relief for the country as a whole. While the voters are going lacking for jobs, healthcare and financial relief, the Congress still receives their full pay checks and health care. I question the idea that elected officials are more important than the people who elected them. Now the GOP is railing against the “huge” over priced stimulus presented by now President Biden. Where were the whiners when an inept (former president) executed a 2 plus trillion tax reform which benefitted everyone except those who really need the relief. Voters of America we have a failure to communicate in that we have allowed the people we elect to do whatever they want and then try (with some success) to convince us that it is what we need. In all of last year the GOP lead by TOTUS and Bitch McConnell made no big moves to curb the pandemic but managed to get tested and shots when they were made available. Their counterparts in GOP led states and cities did not demand any assistance or make any moves to enforce mask wearing, social distancing or any other recommended actions to slow the spread and protect the voters. The former guy said nothing and continued to lie about everything except his name while being abetted by the neer do wells in Congress whose sole objective is to stay in power. It is well past time for the voters to realize that the current GOP is not on their side even if they express support for some of their issues


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