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It is apparent that TOTUS aka Donald J. Trump, “the former guy” has brought out the worst in America. The wide range of errant behavior not openly seen in decades has emerged in force. It bubbled up during President Obama’s administration with the bias exhibited by the Congress obstructing proposed legislation (and weighed in on by Trump, who knew nothing but spoke out anyway). This flagrant disregard of the Presidential office was a racist as you could get without openly stating it. Each member of Congress who supported these efforts is complicit in the economic collapse that Former President Obama had to correct. Why is it that so many Americans follow the same Congressional leaders who use Race as a reason to block health care for millions while embracing the same proposals for themselves. It appears that the GOP in general has embraced tendentiousness as their standard while invoking “the American people” as the reason for their actions. Recently Dr. Rand Paul argued with expert Dr. Fauci over continued masking if people have received the vaccine. It begs to ask would you go to Dr. Paul for treatment?


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