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It is a extraordinary feat to run for the Presidency and win yet this recent event was still playing out as the inauguration of the winner is approaching. The last 4 years of TOTUS’ “reign” has gone from the ridiculous to the sublime and was still grabbing headlines accusing everyone else of the fraud and miscreant behavior the administration had lived by. It is further extraordinary that so many sitting Congressional members are supporting with vigor the false and unsubstantiated claims of fraud in that election. The States in question have done their due diligence in their recounts and certifications yet the administration continued to push the fraud angle to the point of a phone call explicitly asking to overturn the legally processed recounts. Now after the TOTUS inspired and GOP backed insurrection, certain states who are GOP led are still attempting (as quietly as they can muster) to revert to “reconstruction era” voting laws and restrictions. the latest GOP slap to the voters face was fighting against the Biden budget which they say is too much spending but did thought the 2 trillion tax reform was ok since their big money backers as well as many of them benefitted from it. On the heels of this is the several states who have decided to lift restrictions on making and social distancing against medical advice for the sake of votes which on the face of it could mean fewer as the pandemic death toll could rise as a result of this abandonment of common sense actions. It should be noted that people of color and lower income citizens are most affected by this pandemic and the draconian laws regarding voting. Recently several GOP members of Congress arrived at the border to “inspect” the facilities and activities with immigration which they did not do while TOTUS was in office. Their utterances now attempt to hang the immigration “albatross” around the neck of the current administration but never said a word about these conditions when “TOTUS” was in the White House. If nothing else we “The Voters” should be painfully aware of the hypocrisy of our elected officials whose apparent goal is related to their own personal political and financial needs. As far as the people of the United States there should be no Them, They or Those People since WE all have been there but it seems that the harm done to Americans of color has been largely forgotten.


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