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The ongoing resistance to voting freedom by GOP governed states and the minority Senate is at once a precursor and retro reminder of the actions under the GOP’s effort to reduce voter participation in our most valued and important activity as a nation. This has been the GOP’s actions since the 1800’s (which was one part of the Civil War reasons to fight our fellow Americans). This is all about power and the ability to create laws that disenfranchise all of us while promoting the well being of the top earners who control 99% of the U.S.’s wealth and pay little to no taxes. If you are being taken in by the rhetoric surrounding this budget fight then you are missing the real issues. The public face of these legislative fights are a cover for the real context which is to control the government by limiting access to voting, installing legal authorities that favor the GOP’s lines of thought. In short the GOP will take us back 100 years when there no middle class and those aspirations for a better life were no more than a pipe dream. The GOP was responsible for the marihuana ban, the “red” scare by Joe McCarthy in the 50’s, the rise of right wing religious sects (who sought (and are still at it) controlling the health rights of women under the guise of saving the unborn. To be clear I have no particular stand on abortion but I have a concern over potential orphans and abused children as a result of unwanted births. The effect of allowing the GOP to prevail could be an America that is good for the minority not the majority or the haves and the have nots. We are within arm reach of a “TOTUS” imagined country where we can be lied to in the face of facts and be expected to believe what we are told. We have to examine closely the actions of ALL politicians and understand which parts of their actions actually work for us or against us and speak out, there is no other way.


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