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Daily Archives: November 30th, 2021

The influence of TOTUS is still live in Congress, the people elected are there to do work, not name call and hold back progress on needed infrastructure which means JOBS, which brings better health, increased spending (economic boost). History has shown the GOP has consistently misrepresented spending yet under the cover of darkness aided and abetted the worldwide rich to continue making billions on our misfortunes- this does not rule out the DEM’s in all of this but if we (the voters) look at history we will see that we have been “hosed ” regularly by both sides. Our recourse is being informed first by looking back at what was done or not done in our names. WE the people are the only solution to poor government. The political class” primary weapon is division among the people which allows them to continue to spread misinformation for their benefit. We are a multilingual, multi ethnic and multicolor nation but as one and being well informed we can stop the “business as usual” governance which does not benefit us as a Country.


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