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Daily Archives: November 26th, 2021

The former President is still inserting himself into the everyday politics of the country in the same negative way that he did for 4 years. Since this is America, he is not restricted except for the messaging sites that have banned him due to inaccurate and false information. His ability to reach masses is greatly diminished yet he still manages to be seen and heard. His messaging has not changed and it is still about him and not about the country as it should be now and should have been during his tenure. TOTUS had many opportunities to be “mediocre” and he squandered those by self-aggrandizing executive orders and ongoing “campaign” speeches. Being President is exceedingly hard job along with being on duty 24/7 but TOTUS chose to delegate his duties to underlings who spoon fed him ideas and topics that he deemed prudent but were uninformed in relation to the needs of the country (that means ALL American voters). The Presidency is not a person but an institution that is guided by a person (hopefully someone with the “right stuff”). Essentially, we had 4 years of mediocracy instead of potential greatness and a show of American ability. The Presidency is about leading a country forward and being aware of the flaws and making some attempts to improve. Totus’s failures created a year of deaths due to poor reaction to a national health crisis which resulted in an initial loss of hundreds of thousand lives until someone gave him a buzzword that excited him (operation “warp speed”) which resulted in an acceleration of vaccine invention and production (a bit late but needed none the less). For 4 years the worst elements of government held sway behind the “curtain of TOTUS’ rhetoric and feckless leadership.


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November 25, 2021Heather Cox Richardson
Nov 26
I started these letters completely inadvertently on September 15, 2019, after I happened to see House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) angry letter to then–acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire on September 13, noting that the committee knew a whistleblower had made a complaint and demanding that Maguire produce that complaint as required by law. As a political historian, I saw that for what it was: an accusation from a member of the legislative branch that someone in the executive branch had very clearly broken a specific law. That was huge, way different than the general complaints around at the time that, for example, then-president Trump must be violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution, an accusation that was vague enough that it was terribly hard to address.Two days later, on September 15, a yellow jacket sting made me cancel my afternoon plans, and as I sat waiting to make sure I didn’t react badly to the sting, I used the time to write on my Facebook page where I had been posting once a week or so for years. I wrote about the history of the previous month and mentioned the issue of the missing whistleblower’s complaint. That post got swamped with people asking so many questions that I wrote another, and then another.And so the Letters from an American were born.Over the past two years, this has become a team project. While I do the legwork of explaining the politics of these crisis times, my heroic editors keep my writing clean and factual.But this project really belongs to you who read it. It was your voice that created the project, you who inspire me when I am so dead tired I fall asleep sitting up, and you who bring in related material and ask questions and correct my stupid errors. Above all, it is you who are helping to model what we so desperately need in America: a respectful community based in facts, rather than in anger and partisanship, a community that can defend our democracy and carry it into a new era.I am honored to be walking this road alongside all of you. You are smart, funny, kind, talented, insightful, creative, and principled.And I am so very proud of what we are building together.Thank you, for all of it.Happy Thanksgiving.
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