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Eric Cantor’s loss is a defeat of a reasonable but able to disagree lawmakers. His loss has put more stress on an already distressed and malfunctioning Congress. We have observed and heard from and about many fringe voting blocs whose interests do not coincide with the majority of Americans yet they have an undue influence on our electorate. We unfortunately, the everyday voter complain about our Congress and all other elected officials but we tend to turn a selective deaf ear to the events that affect us for years down the road. We have largely ignored the role of a Congress that has done little to fix our fiscal and other problems while castigating every President since Eisenhower. We need to ignore the media coverage as much of it is hype, erroneous and particularly biased. Where we need to put our focus is on the lack of real information coming from the Congress. Recently the speaker was overjoyed over a supreme court decision on the President’s appointment during a bogus recess which was applied to keep the President from making appointments. The problem is that this court case which cost taxpayer dollars is just another wasted effort by our Congress as this court decision which was so loudly touted has no effect on the issue that was brought before the court. If we continue to let these 535 want to be kings and queens run this country any way the see fit in our names, we will continue to go downhill at the pace of a landslide. The whole idea of  modern Congress is merely one of control over special and pet projects that only slightly are for the public good. This is food for thought.

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