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T.E. Lawrence attempted to tell the British high command how the Middle east should be handled and was ignored, Generals Patton and Mac Arthur attempted to tell the American high command about Russia and China but no one listened. We now have desperate situations in the Mid east and  Eastern Europe yet our  Congress is intent on following the same path of illogical thinking of how they can win control of the government and avoid assisting the President in any way at all. This Congress has spent all of their political capital on winning elections instead of serving the people who elected them. Anyone who believes that Congress is OK doing what they are doing is either blind or completely cut off from the everyday. Our current ability to receive news in a timely fashion has put us at a disadvantage rather than an advantage as we have become so inured by  events and especially events that have been in evidence for centuries (middle Eastern religious wars), Russian pogroms and other mass human near extinctions in other near third world countries. America has just 250 years of existence as compared to Europe and the Far to middle east having thousands of years in existence while committing the same criminal acts against their neighbors and citizens.t  Our Congress unfortunately has adopted a “cut off your nose to spite your face” attitude that has divided our country in a way unseen since the Civil war. The Congress has been bought and paid for by deep pockets, by association the highest Judiciary which has all but gutted the civil rights act of 1965 along with all associated changes. This Congress has said no to Presidential initiatives and publicly denounced them with misinformation and innuendo hoping to sway us toward voting their party into the “driver’s seat”. Our option is accept them no matter what or vote against them to save our nation.

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