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The Kentucky clerk who refuse to do her job due to religious objections is no different than the religious radicals who are wreaking havoc in the middle east
except so far she has not planted a bomb or otherwise physically assaulted anyone. In context, she has caused mental anguish to many people. She is supported by many, who like her interpret the bible in a skewed fashion (think Radical Islam) because she does not approve of a life style. This is the same thinking that unfortunately still exists for radical sects who oppose anyone who is not white but are religiously stunted and in a word a bigot on many fronts. It is unfortunate that our country has progressed so far only to have these types of incidents point out our lack of progress in ALL areas. If the “Anti’s” would really take a good look at themselves and their own place in the world perhaps they would see that this is one of the few countries where they can air these issues without being jailed for life (however you can be jailed for defying a legal court directive).

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