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Conservatives as defined modernly appears to be people who espouse reducing government controls over the US citizens is no more than dictatorship cloaked in “Americanism”. If let to continue un restrained could lead to the end of  public works, medical care for all and an increase in the poverty level of the United States. We should be extremely concerned now that John Boehner has stepped down and will be leaving the Senate. The young conservatives who feel victorious will eventually run us into the ground or put us in a place where we  do not want to be. If they achieve their goals we as a country will be in a position that will take us years to correct. One of the mainstreamers , Ted Cruz was  Born in Canada, Naturalized in US in 2005 and recently renounced his Canadian citizenship (that’s scary in itself). Ordinarily this would be a non item but here is a man who started off with a secret (no matter how minor).  The Dupublican party has so many rifts as to be dysfunctional and using every means to gain a foothold in the Congress. It is quite easy to make pronouncements about what’s wrong and to assert what they will and could do if they were in command but leading is a lot harder when you are actually leading.  The conservatives (fueled by huge money donors whose sole purpose  is have lawmakers do what is best for their interests) who plan to dismantle Affordable care act, deny funding for Planned Parenthood based on a made up video (which was better than anything Hollywood film makers could produce). If these people gain control of our government , even a portion of it ,we will be in a long winter of  decline which will weaken our Government and by extension our world status. It is easy to cite what is reported in the media but a bit harder to actually pursue the truth by reading as many sources as are available to gain a well founded perspective. We have had people talk about terrorists (primarily related to Muslims) but we have had for years several separatist groups within our borders. They are all American citizens but anti government non the less and not opposed to violence if necessary. This is not to say they are completely wrong but they do have some extreme  ideas about how things should be. Unfortunately some are Racist, anti religious, super religious (cultish) and totally anti government (while living under the auspices of that government). It important to remember where we as a nation started, the first colonists clashed with the natives who existed here in good ways and bad ways, once established they began to push the natives out of their ancestral lands with no compensation other than death. It’s just in recent history that reparations began for them but the damage was done and will take years to assuage, meanwhile their languages and cultures are diluted to the point of extinction. We should keep in mind the  “wars” we have been involved in since the end of WWII, all of these actions have cost millions of lives to no good end but greatly benefitted the military industrial complex sanctioned by our Congress with  information gathered from sometimes flawed intelligence. All of this is due in entirety or  in part to the so called conservatives whose conservation efforts are directed to their own well being and thus to their handlers.

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