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I dare to blog because I care. I have conversations with long time friends, family and associates on a wide range of topics but when the discussions about Government and issues related the thoughts are fairly universal. We are saddled with an inefficient Government primarily because of us! Too many of us do not want to pay taxes , even though the country functions on money from the taxes we pay. It is true that our government has for years used the taxes  poorly and we have allowed it because we never knew the truth and we trusted them. That trust  has been violated time and time again yet we accepted it out of ignorance. We (the public) should have realized there was a problem in the early 1970’s after first gasoline crisis. Europe got the message years ago and designed cars and energy-saving devices then (or before). We now find ourselves in a position where education is suffering, manufacturing is suffering and the people are suffering. Europeans pay substantial taxes that cover most of the items we are now complaining about costing too much (healthcare, education to name a couple). We have become used to lower taxes or no taxes and that is becoming our downfall. We need to buck up right now and do the following:

1. elect true statesmen to represent us

2. Stop railing against paying taxes

3. Pay more attention what the current seat fillers are doing (or not)

4. Demand accountability from our representatives by using social media, snail mail or phone calls (if you are on face book or any other social media, this is an opportunity).

5. Ignore the “entertainment” news” and seek out the truth in the media wherever it is.

The “greatest country in the world” should be a leader instead of a follower in education and healthcare, higher taxes will do this and eliminate the conversations and rhetoric about no new taxes. There is no way we can move forward with changes in our country’s well being without understanding what it really takes to restore functionality to the government. It is the privilege of the people to make changes in the government by electing the right people regardless of race, religion and personal preferences.

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