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The VA has been in the news regularly with some misinformation, some real information and some vague information. The facts are hard to find and even looking at the website, many times information is illusive. The reports and stories about lack of or poor service to vets all over the country are for the most part true. The real issues lie with the Congress of the United States. These are the same 535 who have done little or nothing of merit for the past 10 plus years yet extol their accomplishments at election time.  There are some areas where the VA shines but usually they are located near a major city with a large Hospital presence (civilian or military) or a major military base. The problems are with the outlying facilities that just have an out patient presence or no good connection with local medical facilities. The Medical staffers are as frustrated as the veterans as their hands are tied by what ever rules are in place and often they are uninformed on new procedures or methodology. One area where the failure has occurred is the check in process, it took over a year to get the ID card kiosk to function properly and even as changes were made , all facilities were not online at the same time. The learning curve is steep since the how to’s are not completely formed until after they are rolled out and then the mad scramble to fix it begins. Meanwhile  the medical staff and their clients flounder in the surf of incompetence from above. Medical professional leave in frustration, others remain because of the nearness of retirement and out of duty. The rules are more like laundry list in Chinese (unreadable) and takes a seminar to understand them. All of this because we have a Congress that has the habit of not reading  or being properly read into the rules or laws governing the care of veterans who have given so much in actions sanctioned by the same Congress who do little beyond offering  lip service between elections. I compare our current Congress to the “pointy haired” boss in a nationally known Cartoon strip, clueless!

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