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There have been statements made that America is being split or was split by President Obama. If that were true then why have we had the Racial and ethnic divides before his election. What has occurred is a highlighting of an existing divide. This divide has been pointed out overtly and covertly time after time in our Congress, in the Justice system and in too many other areas to mention. In a general sense that Mr. Obama caused the divide is at once ludicrous and absurd! If you have not been paying attention , the newest divider we have is running for the Oval office, Mr Trump has consolidated the Racists of America including the ones who serve in Congress. The Dupublicans have been more divisive than any one group in that they have not made many attempts do their job which is to legislate. In lieu of work they have blocked legislation for all of the people in America because their “backers” do not want the status quo to change. Look at who they (Dupublicans, et al) are backing to be President while not reading the real issues his backers have (which are the same as many other Americans of all ethnicities and religious views). The division of America is just a rehash of the past 100 years in a different form. My opinion is that as voters we ALL need to begin the process of electing a new Congress and be prepared to do over and over until we get real legislators and not long time neer do wells.  The term “Divided America” is just another invention of the real dividers who serve(?) in our elected offices. Just as an aside: The Party that so badly wants to control the Government is the one that has brought us to this point where we have no good options for President and they just barely support their presumptive candidate. Is it possible that the backers of that party have been mislead?

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