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Brexit Effects?
The conversation on the “Brexit” and its effect on the U.S. is all over the place as to for and against. Several  of our own States (Texas in particular) have wanted and (still do) advocate for leaving the United States. Their reasons are more of the Government being too big and in some cases want the Government to mind it’s own business. Looking at what is provided by the Government, are the states that want to opt out willing to establish diplomatic relations in any or all of the Countries that the Federal government  now cooperates with? This involves establishing and maintaining embassies, having some sort of army to protect those outposts. The Dupublican’s upset in the Congress gave heart to the anti Obama and Scamocratic factions. The issue not recognized is the rise of the Tea party within the Dupublican party. The thing to consider is that the separatists are acting in anger with no thought of the future. Actions taken in anger now without careful consideration of the long view will cause  effects that are difficult to overcome. These vocal sectors have caused an already weak Congress to act (or not) in ways that do more harm than good and have allowed the rise of Donald Trump as the front runner that the Dupublican party doesn’t  want but are accepting because they are afraid of losing votes and thereby their Congressional seats. None of pro Brexit group have looked far enough ahead to understand what the long range effect of their voting will bring. The result that none of the pro exit supporters have looked at are that Russia and IS are loving the separation because they can slip in and deliver their own messages . Other major players on the world stage who could benefit from this are not as happy with as this affects their connections world wide regardless of the other issues they may have with the so called ‘Free World” or the West. It is worth watching or listening to our own Presidential candidate and his followers hailing the ‘Brexit’ without understanding what it really means and the accompanying baggage.

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