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The recent override  of the President’s veto has been explained by members of Congress and hailed by the families of 9/11 victims. The long range effect is yet to be felt when these lawsuits move forward. Now good ole Mitch McConnell has piped up again (after the fact) stating that he wished that the President had explained the reason for the veto as it apparently makes sense. Now the Congress will come back after their (election) recess and modify the law before finalizing it. We are all victims of 9/11 and it seems that our Congress has been out to lunch on that fact. Allowing mass lawsuits against specifically Saudi Arabia is at once ludicrous and dangerous since as stated by the President this could bring the same types of lawsuits against the United States from a number of sources. Again “Doc” McConnell is “after speaking”, it appears to me that being in Washington, having ready access to the Whitehouse and related agents, Mr. McTurtle  had access to the information he said he wished the President had made available to the Congress. So explain to me why we keep electing the same Bozo’s after circus has left town?

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