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There has been endless opinions on how the conflicts in the middle east should be handled. There are many pros and cons but the reality seems to be elusive. To begin with we should not have been looking for unsubstantiated WMD’s (thanks Dick Cheney) as there were none. Libya’s strongman (Gadhafi) was the glue holding things together no matter how awful he was. His attack on the other middle east countries were all for reasons  relating to the oil business that they were all in together and separately. The religious part was just another piece of the puzzle and has continued even now and will until the various sects decide that their religious beliefs are not as different as they appear (kind of like either or eyether). In this country we have as many sects as anywhere else, guess how many types of Protestants we have? The idea of ISIS, ISIL or Daesh being a threat to us is real but remote since they are busy killing themselves off. Our job is to protect our citizens abroad and any allies we can. If we want to end the conflict we could as Ted Cruz stated ” bomb them into oblivion” but taking the innocent citizens of those areas along with the miscreants. There are many folks who are disaffected and at odds with their faith here and in the conflict area so they join these radical groups as a survival mechanism directly and remotely. The remote joiners are who we have experienced here. We have our own radicals who are just as disaffected and we have our own radical leader who is a front runner for the Presidency of the United States. His entry into the race along with his success is probably more of a surprise to him and the party backing him (reluctantly) has allowed the  worst of us (America) to crawl out from the shadows and expose that dark side to the world and Americans who were sure it no longer existed. This election as many before is vicious and nasty containing more lies than substance while creating a divide that will be hard to close unless WE ALL! forget that there actually are no Americans unless we forget about labeling one another as Black, White, Indian, Native American, Irish, Mexican, Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical. All of these labels are dangerous and hurtful. When we start leaving the labels on products and not on people we may just become what the founders hoped for. We must keep in mind that one threat that could hurt us is Russia, President Putin is bent on recreating a Russian state like Stalin’s and will sacrifice as many of his people as he needs to get there no matter what the UN says. It was a normal day in the early 1930’s when Adolf Hitler began his rise and convinced the people that their troubles were caused by Jewish banking and business, much like the South and slavery. Have we not reached a point where what matters is the character of our people rather than religious affiliation and skin tone? If not we had better soon get there and learn the truth by reading and getting facts not the fiction of some news outlets, pundits and out 535 seat fillers. WE the people are our own salvation but only in unity.

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