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Many organizations with as many smaller sects are encouraging people to vote a certain way however the real issue should be proper education on all of the issues. These issues are beyond the rhetoric and by extension beyond this election. The smaller elections where Congressional representatives are elected are the biggest issue. We all hear the constant yammering of who is the best choice and the sound bites, buzzwords and snippets designed to excite the voters yet say nothing of substance. An educated electorate is the key to good government, not single issues that apply to some of the people. The way to better government is a long range overall view of all issues no matter who it specifically influences. What effects one group has an impact on all of us sooner or later. As voters we need to broaden our vision of the issues and vote according the effect on all of us for now and in the future. Keep in mind many of our Congressional reps have been in office too long for our own good. Listening to recent interviews with supporters of candidates shows the many people who will be voting are under informed and have one (1) single issue in mind when pressed for reasons they will vote for their favored candidate. These single issues cannot be addressed in a vacuum since they are just a piece of a larger puzzle which like any puzzle needs all of the pieces to make a complete picture. It is of little consequence that you like or dislike a candidate (popularity is over rated) but more that you know more about them in the context of what they may or may not bring to the office.

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