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True or not, the simple statements below are indicative of the Presidential office seeker and points out that the Presidency is what it’s always been a power trip but used well in most cases and poorly in others. All cases have long range effects on all of us. We still have to keep an eye on the Congress who can and have screwed up many a good ideas . MA

Rapper Tupac Shakur once discussed Donald Trump in an extended rant on capitalism for a 1992 MTV interview that reportedly never aired.
In the eight-minute interview — which was the rapper’s “first MTV interview as a solo artist,” according to the video — Shakur contrasts his underprivileged upbringing with the privileged world of “family heirlooms” and capitalist empires.
“When you born, usually, you’re born into a dynasty or an empire,” Shakur said. “You’re born, like, as a junior or following in your father’s footsteps.”
Then, around the video’s five-minute mark, he speaks about Donald Trump and his business:
“You want to be successful — you want to be like Trump? Gimme, gimme, gimme. Push, push, push. Step, step, step. Crush, crush, crush. That’s how it all is. Nobody ever stops,” Shakur said, describing what he sees as the selfish forces of capitalism.
The video, which now has over a million views, was uploaded to YouTube in February 2010.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, MTV was “unable to confirm whether the video ever aired” on the channel.

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