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Daily Archives: May 17th, 2017

Sally Yates has had her day in court and she shone like a star! The panel of neer do wells attempted several times to impugn her testimony however it appears that she is smarter than they expected (probably because She’s a woman). Several members of this panel were on the panel when she was vetted as “acting Attorney General” and asked questions which she answered yet these members brought those questions up again and were rewarded with a nice “shut up” as their reward. Then to cover up more FBI director James Comey was fired after his testimony, this firing was at the behest of Jeff Sessions (supposedly) whose sole purpose appears to be returning us to the pre civil rights era. This administration is determined to do it wrong without conscience just because the CIC is an entertainer who believes he is immune to any questions about his actions. The Trump method of operating is to spit out  orders and have them carried out without question. This is not how it works in Government! It is apparent that we have a child in the Oval office who wants to take his ball and go home but can’t so he rants on social media. He has spent valuable time and energy trying to complete his campaign promises in the first 100 days (his stated time line) and has become frustrated when he couldn’t. This lack progress in his eyes is someone else’s fault thus the campaign style meetings outside of the White House. In his haste to undo all things Obama, he has created a fear and an anger among us all that will not be abated until he is out of office. TOTUS’s actions are reminiscent of the “Tammany Hall” era of New York and I wonder what will his downfall leave in its wake. The free press and media have been locked out of press conferences so all news sources are suspect and possibly contrived. Our Allies are looking at all of this and wondering if we as a country will recover from this witch hunt. As voters we have one solution-become informed and vote, show the power of the people to effect change. If we don’t no one else will.

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