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Daily Archives: May 27th, 2017

The current and administration is depending on the public to be upset but to take no action. The appointed cabinet members and their boss have nothing good in mind for us. Trump appointed people who he thinks will do a good job based on what he is told and not always on what he knows. Where we stand as a country is hotly debated due to the many and varied opinions of reliable or unreliable sources. So many of us rely on sources that grab our attention with headlines that are not always backed up by facts. This shading of the facts is what has led us to the current administration and the “tweet storm”. We currently have a group of cabinet members whose legacy will undo years of progress and lower the health and education standards we have achieved over the years. What can we do about it? The first thing as voters that we can do is to examine the track record of the people we have voted for regularly and see how they have represented us. Keep in mind that what they say is not always what they actually do. To roll back what has been done previously sounds and looks good in print but in reality can be devastating. If your circumstances are not as good as someone else’s, do not blame that person look at what caused the difference and you will usually find that it’s the existing laws and the people who passed them (the people we voted for on a regular basis). The pushback is simple: Listen to what the candidates say then research their records. Listen and view several news sources. You will find that there are differences and somewhere among those differences lies the truth and that is what you are seeking. Finally politics is no more than theater, entertaining but not serious enough  base an opinion on.

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