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Daily Archives: May 18th, 2017

Brabble, Trumpspeak and crappenspiel! These are the attributes of the information coming from the Trump White House. In my opinion this administration is in a death spiral caused by the election of a Narcissistic child. There appear to no stops on this path and our less than stellar Congress is complicit. The Congress (Paul Ruyan and Bitch McConnell) have only their own interests in mind whenever they speak and with all actions they take. If the statement about liars pants being a blaze were true then we would have a fire in the Executive and legislative  branches that would be hard to control. With what we now know and have suspected , our government is broken. During the past 8 years when Obama was President, many attempts were made to correct the ship but the evil was so pervasive as to be an insurmountable wall. These evils are capable of creating a long lasting poorly functioning Government. With all of the last 20 years plus of see sawing we have become a segmented nation with the good wishes of our Congress and other influences. The election of Mr. Trump seems to be a stroke of good luck for the baser elements of our government. They are using Mr. trump as  “hat” to cover their own misdeeds and anti citizen schemes. It is unfortunate that too many voters do not realize what the election of Mr. Trump means and it is not good. It is not so much about Mr. Trump but more about the harm that can come from his “allowed” actions. Our neer do well Congress is content to “allow” events to unfold and step in with their own self serving agendas that have  nothing to do with the public good. Our solution to all of this improper and irregular Governance is to become “woke” and informed voters. Do not rely on your elected officials as they will just repeat what you as a voter asked for even thought they know it is not what is needed.

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