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Daily Archives: May 30th, 2017

100 plus days into his term the President is looking more like someone who is looking to be impeached or someone who is clueless about governing. Our neer do well Congress appears to be unable to do anything about it unless they just want a cover for their personal agendas. The anti Trump messages from radicals like Ann Coulter is a sure clue that we are heading for a potential disaster at home and abroad. The President has the idea it seems that he is the smartest person in the room however when you  ignore the counsel of seasoned diplomats, you are not the smartest and are bound to board the mistake train which does not have many stops. It is a sure sign of distress when the neediest of us all vote for whoever can promise the most and crow the loudest while ignoring the underlying character flaws that could surely bring the government to a stop at home and abroad. Our allies are in a state of awe after the recent Presidential visit as they have not figured out what his agenda is (perhaps Trump hasn’t either). If we look at the current administration as a medical condition we would consider it as being  in Hospice care, just being made comfortable with no medical treatment. Many times this results in a cause of death as “failure to thrive”, along with any other medical causes leading up to the demise. The “aftershock” will be years of unraveling the mess locally and abroad while the country’s progress slows to a snails pace. The opportunity we have now is to pay close attention to our current elected officials especially the long serving ones as they have ridden to victory on promises (not kept) and innuendo.

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