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The labels arise again, no matter what your politics, religious or leaning may be to allow yourself to be labelled is close to being called names. The current political climate in America is in a downward spiral. The media (all of them) report what they learn, hear or suspect and not always the total truth. No matter what your beliefs are you tend to read or listen to information that supports your beliefs. This is not the way to be come informed and narrow focus allows the powers that be to create narratives that push their agendas under the guise of supporting yours. Anyone who adheres to the idea that their belief is the only way is open to the machinations of the true manipulators, our Politicians. If you believe that the current cabinet ministers are working for you, you are mistaken, if you still believe your elected Congressional rep is working for you, you are in error and if you believe that your vote doesn’t count, again you are mistaken. Using whatever label you operate under, the powerful manipulators use your beliefs against you. It is your duty to follow as many media offerings as you can to become informed and stop being a victim of the manipulative forces. If you follow one source for convenience then you are already lost.

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