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Daily Archives: July 3rd, 2017

During past 6 months of this Presidents tenure we have seen a big uptick of Racism, anti-immigration protests and “executive” orders banning immigrants and religious bans. The TOTUS is governing via social media rather than from informed sources. We have Congressional members willing to sacrifice the health of millions by repealing and replacing the current ACA rather than repairing it as they should have done years ago. For some reason these folks think the oft cited “American people” are either dumb or ignorant. The representation of their respective areas is Negligible at best. The promises made when campaigning for the job are all broken and continue to be through lies and innuendo but unfortunately too many of us “Americans” do not realize that what happens to one affects us all. The current Congress has become ( or has been for years) self serving and of no use to the “American people” whom they cite regularly. As a reminder: the second world war and its ensuing atrocities were pushed by an orchestrated agenda of lies and blame (similar to todays news (tweets) placed on a particular population of people. This is the same methodology used to legitimize slavery here and abroad during the early years of the last 2 centuries. The 2 world wars were more about  blaming someone (or a group of people) than even the simple idea of taking territory. It is within our power (as voters) to reverse this by voting the current administration and Congress out or “repeal and replace” them. The “radicals” on all sides are possibly too far “gone” to understand that the enemy is not other people but the people that were elected to represent us all. Until the voters start thinking as a nation (even with our opinion differences) we will continue to have poor representation. If you (we) do pay attention to the people who represent us then we are destined to have poor governance from top to bottom.

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