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Daily Archives: July 26th, 2017

The State of Illinois and the United States have similar leaders. Men who are wealthy and have been accustomed to having their way because they are wealthy. This thinking is why we are in a downward spiral in so many ways. It is unfortunate that many supporters of these men are not all mainstream voters but voters who want change and have grasped for any straws to save them from a perceived evil but have accepted assistance from a worse savior. These  men have used their wealth as a way to make things happen. This method of operating  may work(?) in private industry but not in Government and is destined to fail. That failure will usually result in the collapse of normalcy for us all. We as voters need to be sure that we elect people who really are in the race for the service and not what the office can do for them. We have allowed and in some cases fostered the election of demagogues who spew high sounding rhetoric that has no substance in real life. We would be well to remember, what sounds good may not work as it sounds. Square pegs still do not fit in round holes and politicians are still not as trustworthy as they want you to believe, especially when they campaign in Television ads and tweets  rather than legislate as they are elected to do. Reality is what’s left after the lies have been swept away. We need a big broom.

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